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No, the H2O Machine will shut down when the water storage tank is full.

No, the H2O Machine does not have UV or UVC lights.

No, reverse osmosis wastes, and creates unhealthy acidic water.

No, but mineralizing filters are an optional add-on.

Yes, depending on your environment you can expect water with an allkalinity between 7.0-8.5 pH

Depending on the enviroment, you can expect 7-8.5 pH

The H2O Machine has a 5 year iron clad warranty that covers everything and a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Read More (Coming Soon).

The H2O Machine will make up to 15 gallons per day depending on humidity and temperature.


No, there are no temperature controlling abilities.

No, there are almost no moving parts that can fail.

Yes create safe, healthy, filtered alkaline drinking water virtually anywhere. With a bacteria count near 1ppm, the water is both SAFE and HEALTHY to consume.

Depending on exact use, dryer climates are not ideal for an Atmospheric Water Generator.

After around 48 hours of the machine running, you can expect to create water. The system needs 48 hours to cycle and communicate.

We recommend a two person lift whenever moving the H2O Machine around.

Coming Soon.


The H2O Machine is extremely easy to setup, just plug-and-play. Zero plumbing required. Watch the installation video here.

If you are setting it up yourself, expect 10-15 minutes.


The filters should be replaced every 12-18 months, including the anti-bacterial mesh pre filter and initial black storage tank.

Changing the filters are easy, watch this video for step by step instructions. Video Coming Soon.

Replacement filters and parts can be ordered directly from us here: All Products

Operation Questions

The AWG requires at least 30-40% humidity and temperatures above 40 degrees F to operate.

The H2O Machine is solar compatible. Bring your own kit.

Yes, the H2O Machine allows you to daisy chain additional water storage tanks of your choice to the unit to continue to make water when the inner tank is full.

The machines will work virtually anywhere with 40% humidity.

Depending on exact use, dryer climates are not ideal for an Atmospheric Water Generator.

Yes, a 110v plug is used.

About Us

The service center is in Reno, NV however most parts are shipped to you free.

The warranty department is in Reno, NV however please call 888 601 5886 for imediate assistance.

Yes, they are in stock and ready to ship from Reno, NV. View All Products Here.

No, we only sell direct to the client. Your best price is always with us.

Yes, we are the manufacture and utlity design holder.

Our parent company, Real Spirit USA has been in business since the early 2000s.

The H2O Machine has been sold for the last 5 years in testing and development all around the world.

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