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Create safe, healthy, filtered drinking water virtually anywhere. Learn more below and Call (888) 601-5886 with any questions. 

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How does it work?

H2O Machine's™ patented technology creates water by harvesting moisture from the humid ambient outdoor air. 

Our Water Test Results

Check out our water test results conducted by SGS, the leader in water quality testing. 

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Efficiency and Production

.5 kWh per 4Liters produced. Up to 15 gallons of fresh drinking water.

How it Works

Full  Sustainability 

Low cost and solar compatible, the H2O Machine can be life-saving. 

The Science

Cutting-Edge Technology 

A patented process with 10+ years in research and development. 


Iron Clad Warranty

10-year compressor warranty and 5-year warranty for parts & labor. 

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From the Air to your Cup, Create Water from the Air Around You.

From the Air to your Cup

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Simply put the AWG captures and filters humid air around you bringing it to its dew point. The water is then collected and filtered again to create safe, healthy, filtered drinking water virtually anywhere. 

The Process:

Draws in Humid Air

Antibacterial Mesh Filter

Air is Condensed

Water is Filtered

Water is Stored

Drinking Water

Why this works and is sustainable for the future

Where there is moisture in the air, there's water to create! We're now able to harness condensation and use it to create safe, healthy, filtered drinking water virtually anywhere. 

Atmospheric water generators (AWG) use technology to make water from surrounding humid air. This allows for the potential to expand water availability during outages, contamination events, and other issues that can interfere with drinking water services. Natural disasters, such as tsunamis, and city water infrastructure failures, such as pipe corrosion/failure resulting in contamination issues, have greatly increased the interest in AWG technology. Interest has risen greatly in both emergency and long-term supply solutions.

Why Creating your own water with an Atmospheric Water Generator is sustainable.
Our Patented Technology

Our Patented Technology

Our patented technology filters the air and cleans the water to eliminate pathogens that may be present. Multiple patent designer Richard Mayer has more than 10 years of research and design regarding Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). The filtered water is dispensed with an extremely low (near 1) Heterotrophic Bacteria count. The stored water stays contaminant-free while in the Water Storage Tank and passes through two last filters before being dispensed. Call now to learn more (888) 601-5886. 

The Why behind the science


There is an increasing trend in water scarcity over the entire 20th century with trajectories continuing to rising scarcity. The majority of the global population is now considered under water scarcity compared to the 1900s. From 14% to 58%.

The Atmospheric Water Generator Solution

AWGs can serve as an off-grid stand-alone technology that produces water where installed, rather than transporting water from another location. The systems are used not only as an emergency water supply in natural disasters but also as an alternative to the declining quality of tap water and increasing demand and prices of bottled water.

Plastic Waste & Pollution

Over one million plastic bottles are purchased in the U.S. every 60 seconds. Plastic water bottles are playing a huge part in the millions of tons of plastic waste that end up in the world's oceans every year.

Sustainable solutions to water crisis

AWGs can alleviate stress on our freshwater resources while transforming the water industry to be more efficient and sustainable for individual households to control their water supplies.

How Do We Compare?

How the H2O Machine's Atmospheric Water Generator Compares

Our Filtration Process

Antibacterial Mesh Pre-Filter
Filter 01, 02, 03
Filter 04
Filter 05

State-of-the-art patented open source 6-stage filtration system including a mesh pre-filter guaranteeing safe, clean, healthy drinking water. Post bacteria count of 1 Heterotroph, with a dispensing pH of 7-8.5. Produces drinking water and has the highest quality and purity available. Enjoy mineral-rich water free from contamination even in polluted, dirty, and industrial areas. The filtration is great for airborne particles and residuals that come from airplanes and other machines.

Our Promise To You

Manufactured & Designed in-House.

As the manufacturer and utility patent holder of the AWG, you are getting state-of-the-art quality with unmatched customer support. Your machine is backed for 10 years. Most companies are private label resellers or purchasing overseas in bulk with no end-user support. Our team has been building and working on this project for over 10 years. 

Less room
for errors.

The H2O Machine™ does not have lots of moving parts like others; no HOT/COLD functions, no UV lights, and no major things to stop you from producing safe, clean, healthy drinking water. Change filters in minutes about once a year. The machine is well built, plug and play, and backed by an iron-clad warranty. 

Low cost of ownership.

Consumables are only needed every 12-18 months (or 1000 gallons). 5 filters, mesh pre-filter, and the black storage tank. You can even use your own filtration and storage tank, or daisy chain them for a greater storage capacity.

Easy 10-Minute Installation

Save money and install in less than 10 minutes. Just to plug it in and start producing clean, safe, drinking water. The best option for making water virtually anywhere, and easy to transport from location to location. The best part is the unit is lightweight, and easy to move from one place to another. Check out our installation notes.

Installation Notes:

When turned on the compressor will activate in a few minutes, if your humidity is above 40% you will start creating water.

For new filters or initial setup, when water first flows it flushes out some of the carbon which turns the water gray. Let the water run until clear, and only consume the gray water in survival situations. It is not harmful.

The H2O Machine will turn off below 40% humidity.

Red light indicator means the storage tank is full.

Green light indicator means the H2O Machine is working.

Sometimes the indicators need time to calibrate, and may not display correctly at first.

The filters should be changed every 12-18 months, including the initial black storage tank, and mesh air filter.

Click here to watch our set up & installation video.

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