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H2O Machine

The Atmospheric Water Generator (H2O Machine) has the ability to convert air to water. This page will give you a clear understanding of how to create water from air through humidity. Understanding the humidity levels in the area of production will give you a better sense of the environment and water output. The images below show the average water production of an atmospheric water collector depending on the average humidity and the average temperature. Using the maps, you will be able to determine where you fall on the graph to give you a better understanding of how much water can be made. If you live outside of the USA there is a world map that depicts humidity and next to it is the average worldly temperature.

Atmospheric Water Collector Production

H2O Machine Water Generation per day

Temperature and Humidity Maps

Convert Humidity to Water
Humidity Maps

World Temperature and Humidity Maps

How fresh water generator works
Humidity Maps

Note: All temperatures are averages for the entire year and your temperature and humidity may vary. To find a more exact state humidity you can visit this website: https://www.currentresults.com/Weather/US/annual-average-humidity-by-state.php

To find your average temperature by state you can visit this website: https://www.currentresults.com/Weather/US/average-annual-state-temperatures.php

All photos sourced from the University of Wisconsin- Madison

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