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Finally A Solution That Actually Works – The Atmospheric Water Generator

Forces and elements in nature all have limits of exhaustion. People often have the common misconception that all water can be used, and that is not entirely true. Water is becoming more and more scarce and it is time that we reinvented the way we harvest and collect water.

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All around the world it is becoming harder to locate accessible water; most water is heavily contaminated and not usable. More people means more consumption, and if we exhaust our resources incorrectly that could pose a problem.

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Let’s take SE Asia for example. The country first drilled wells to access germ-free water, and ultimately ended up with arsenic-contaminated wells. This is due to the unknown unknowns of what lies beneath us in the ground, and the constant shifting beneath us we do not see. It is unpredictable and truly scary.

People think they understand water, but in fact there are many disturbing facts about water that may make you wonder. Take underdeveloped countries for example or rural deserts, not only is it an entirely different region, these places lack the technology to advance.

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Unlike a ton of things nature, most deserts are not static. They are becoming increasingly harder to understand which makes it even more harder to work with, especially when dealing with water. It is a challenge now with greenery dissipating, and water sources swelling up, imagine how much harder it is going to become. The time to act is now, not tomorrow.

The gig is up and water is being exposed. It is what we do today and how we change ourselves that will define the future to come.

How Does This Impact Us?

  • About 1 in 10 people in the world today do not have access to clean water. So, for every ounce of water they consume, they run the risk of contracting diseases like diarrhea, IBS, and many other fatal problems. That amounts to hundred’s of millions of people. If the water problem can be averted, we may in fact have a sustainable future.
  • Drinking water scarcity is at its glaring worst in the sub-Saharan African region. Among the 700 million, this region alone contains 319 million people living without proper water resources. Only 159 million inhabitants have a water source, and among them, 102 million people are consuming ground water, which can be potentially dangerous given the possibility of toxic minerals in this water.
  •  The situation is grave for children. Around the world, 443 million school days are wasted because of children suffering from water-related diseases. It is amplified by the medical scenario, wherein each hospital, you will find up to half the beds occupied by the people suffering from lack of water or other “bad” water-related illnesses.
  • The healthcare situation in the sub-Saharan areas is even worse. About 42 percent of people don’t have a nearby water source, around 16 percent have no basic sanitation facilities, and 36 percent are not able to wash their hands.
  • In India and other developing countries, the condition of water-related diseases are on the rise increasingly at a scary rate. A number of people that suffer from water-related illnesses rise every day in these countries. This has to due with the lack of resources.


Drinking water and its scarcity have implications far beyond the problem of simply just thirst. Mainly it’s a global problem and more importantly, a problem that can destroy human civilization from its core by attacking the very interior of your body. Due to this, safe drinking water has to be found or cultivated, and it can come from alternative resources. Thus a reason we created the AWG, for your health and family. So if you’ve ever wondered how to convert air into water, then you are at the right place. This machine is the answer, as it turns humid ambient air into water by the grace of science. While the technology is still growing, we are at the forefront and will not stop advancing our current technologies. Many (like us) believe it to be the answer to the global water crisis and can well become the most important technology in the future given its capacity to produce life-saving water from the air. Did we mention it cost pennies to the gallon?

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