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A: For centuries mankind has sought a clean source of water for homes and villages, which later as we know became sprawling cities, So natural springs and aquafers began being quickly overtaxed. In ancient times ‘lead’ was used for water distribution, and for centuries illness from such usage were not understood. Today we now know that having such pollutants in our water supply is unacceptable. Even copper which distributes water at higher levels can be quite dangerous.

Water from the air is inherently cleaner, and does not suspend heavy metals and other chemical pollutants as it is produced by Evapotranspiration, or ‘nature’s way’ of purifying water by lifting it into the air. As supplies of clean available drinking water disappear from our planet at an alarming rate (It is a known fact that only 3% of the worlds water supply is drinkable, and of that 3%, one third of that is suspended in the atmosphere at any given time). The H2O Machine efficiently collects, provides final purification, and delivers fresh, clean drinking water to your glass or water bottle.

A: In 2008, our company was asked to create a prototype AWG (atmospheric water generator), we found that filtration and storage methods were ineffective as most of the initial interest was in ‘water cooler’ style units, which proved to be expensive, less effective and of higher energy consumption. We knew right then that we would have to develop our own patent pending technology, thus the arrival of the H2O Machine.

A: The H2O Machine and Air Water Life (A division of Real Spirit USA, Inc,) which was founded as an innovative products company with our home base established in the rapidly growing tech environment of Reno, NV- Founded in 2006 with the purpose of developing new green technologies for Water Alkalization, Filtration, Air Purification and Solar products. It soon became clear that the need for pure clean available water, that was not dependent upon dwindling established sources, was going to be of vital importance in the coming years, and that new technologies would be required to fulfill this need.

A: Our founders Richard Mayer and Malcolm Currie former CEO of Hughes Aircraft, have been pioneers of new technologies in electric vehicles and energy saving systems. With their extensive technical background’s, they were able to refine the components to increase the efficiency and quality of water produced by the H2O machine, taking atmospheric water to a whole new level.

A: This is a two-fold question. The H2O machine has gone through rigorous testing and certification on both of its internal and electrical components as well as its unique patent pending water storage and filtration system. Our certified test results are updated periodically on our website. Click here.

A: No, with the H2O machine we have no need of R/O, as water from the air is nearly 99.9% free of the dangerous heavy metals, chemical waste and other dissolved substances such as chlorine. Our process does not reuse waste water within the unit, we process water from the air the moment it is captured.

We do not use UV or ozone. Ozone leaves residual taste in the water and causes off gassing, which is classified as a pollutant by the California EPA Air Quality Resources Board. Instead, the H20 Machine quickly harvests and processes the water in ‘real-time’.  Once filtered, it is stored in a nonbacterial tank and final filtered when required for drinking, so our H2O machine water tastes as it should, from a natural source.

A: An Atmospheric water machine needs to be where the water is, outside, to be 100% effective in gathering the available humidity to create clean, pure, drinking water. Inside air can be ‘air conditioned’ which reduces available water vapor.

Every H2O machine comes with a single faucet dispenser that provides water right from the machine, or as a simple ‘handyman’ install of a single source hose to an interior location so you can take advantage of our line of optional dispensers or connect directly to your refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser, or a combination of both throughout your home, such as a family room, workout room, entertainment area, or kitchen.

A: The simple answer is, at 30% or more relative humidity it makes a lot of drinking water. The higher humidity the more the H2O Machine will produce. With standard humidity (about 50%) 5 gallons a day in normal conditions with higher humidity the H2O Machine can reach 10+ gallons per day with our standard H2O-10 model.

A: Prices of bottled water vary from store to store, as well as home delivery water for a home dispenser. But we have found on average the cost of a half-liter of pure water from the H2O Machine, which you can dispense into your glass or carry in your drinking bottle, is about 100 times less expensive then store bought bottled water and maybe 50 times cheaper than home delivery water. About $0.02 per one 1/2-liter sports bottle.

A: Yes. The water from the H2O Machine is unmatched in the quality of its drinking water. Our testing has shown that the H2O Machine water quality far exceeds EPA and FDA standards for safe drinking water. In fact, the Japanese Water Quality standard is 4 times more stringent than the USA standard and we are well below their minimums for HPC count which is an indicator for ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria. 

A: Taste of course is a matter of personal choice, but with a natural balance of minerals and slightly higher pH, our H2O water is similar to fresh mountain spring water, crisp, clean and of the purest quality.

A: About as often as any home filtration system, normally once a year. The cost average is less than a few pennies a gallon.

A: Those questions can best be answered simply: With our ‘patent pending’ ‘App’. The H2O Machine app will allow you to have real time information on outside temp, humidity, and your water levels as well as when to replace your filters and much more, delivered directly to your cell phone or other ‘Android’ or ‘Apple’ device. The ‘App’ allows you to turn on/off your H2O Machine from anywhere in the world right from your cell phone!

We use the highest grade and quality for all our components, the life expectancy of the H2O Machine should be 15+years. We provide a 5-year limited warranty with a limited lifetime warranty for all defects in materials and workmanship. Disposables or consumables are not covered as they fall under normal wear-and-tear use. The compressor is backed by a 10 year warranty and all other parts are covered for 5 years.

A: Our brands, Air Water Life Water/ Advanced Pure Air, of which our Air Purifiers, Water Ionizers, and filtration systems have gained consumer trust over the last 11 years have given us a considerable edge over the competition. We are experts in electrical pumps and motors, monitoring and testing, as well as apps and controls, along with State-of-the-art filters and filtration that meet or exceed the highest standards. Our consumer products rank highly on major retailer reviews by our customers.

With that said, we know you just want the best water and the best water machine that money can buy, and from a company that will be here for you in the years to come. Real Spirit USA our parent company which is privately held has annually sold hundreds of thousands of products and maintains a healthy positive cash flow, with no outstanding debt to impede our performance in executing our commitment to you.

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